• Activyl for Dogs and Activyl for Cats
  • Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs only

Welcome to the U.S. Website of Activyl® for Dogs, Activyl® for Cats and Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs only!

The Activyl® difference

If you were a cat or dog, you'd definitely want something that was really effective at getting rid of fleas!
Activyl® is a highly effective innovation in flea treatment that works through bioactivation by using the flea's own enzymes to fully activate its insecticidal power.

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No fleas, please!

These miserable parasites are almost everywhere, and in certain geographies, can be found all year-round. They reproduce like crazy, so if they're not controlled on your pet, it can fairly quickly lead to an infestation of your home and just about everything your family touches.

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Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs only

Dogs need protection from both fleas and ticks, and not just out in the woods!
With the combination of innovative flea control and proven tick control, Activyl® Tick Plus gives you and your dog the best of both worlds, indoors and out.
Do not use on cats.

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The trouble with ticks

Ticks are worrisome because they can carry diseases like Lyme disease, which can be transmitted to both dogs and humans. Ticks are also easily carried into suburban areas by other mammals like deer and raccoons, so it's important to know about ticks and watch for them!

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